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Do your bit for the environment, with a quality coffee machine from Vending 4 You

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Do your bit for the environment, with a quality coffee machine from Vending 4 You

We are a nation of coffee lovers, but did you know that visiting a local coffee shop every day has a negative impact on the environment?  From an environmental point of view, it is far better to use a coffee machine instead. Take-out coffee cups are a catastrophe for the environment, including the cups themselves, the wasted products, the energy used along with transportation costs.  The simple answer to this terrible waste of money and materials is to invest in a good home or office coffee machine. You can ready the full article here:

At Vending 4 you, we understand the importance of sustainability and recycling; recognising we have the potential to affect the environment. We aim to have a low impact on the environment and incorporate a wide variety of energy saving, recycling and waste management measures working to an environmental policy so that we can manage our activities in a responsible manner.

These are some of the promises we’ve made in our environmental policy:

  • We actively offer our customers a cup recycling option to reduce environmental impact. For this service, we use Simply Cups <> who are the UK’s ONLY collection and recycling service dedicated to turning paper and plastic cups into second-life materials.
  • We recycle wherever possible and minimize waste by source reduction.
  • We encourage our customers to operate in a similar manner, train and motivate employees to carry out their duties in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Our vehicles are fuel-efficient and use the latest GPS tracking systems to minimise fuel usage.
  • The Vending 4 You office and warehouse uses energy efficient lighting.
  • You can choose from state of the art machinery with the latest energy saving technology, including products with an A++ efficiency-rating award.
  • We recycle broken and ineffective vending machines.
  • We re-cycle vending machines that have come to the end of their effective life further reducing our impact on the environment.
  • By using certified sustainable products from foundations like the Rainforest Aliiance, Fairtrade and the UTZ Certified Foundation you can rest assured your products were grown sustainably and at no damage to the local community.

If you’d like to find out more, then please get in touch.