Coffee Machines

7 benefits of installing a coffee machine in the workplace

benefits of coffee machines in a workplace

Most companies like to provide a pleasant working environment for their employees. Of course we all want a motivated and happy workforce. So how can a coffee machine help?

1. Improved productivity
We all know that we are supposed to take short breaks in our work in order to be more productive. Refreshments such as coffee and tea act as a pick-me-up that can revive flagging spirits. The occasional short break to enjoy a drink can also boost productivity. Most studies into workplace drinks have shown that they can be great for reducing stress, recharging batteries and putting workers in a positive frame of mind. Overall it can help to improve the satisfaction levels of the staff, making them more alert, motivated, and productive during the working day.

2. Reduces lost work time
If you don’t provide the refreshments, the chances are your workforce will pop out of the office to get their own drinks and snacks throughout the day. Leaving an office, queuing, being served, then returning from a coffee shop can take up to 20 minutes at a time. A visit to a vending machine or kitchen in the workplace will get an employee back to work again with less time lost.

3. Keeps your employees healthy

Coffee is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that boost health and wellbeing. Coffee can also lessen the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes. Instead of the immediate gratification of a fast food snack, making a hot drink takes a few minutes. The process of making and drinking a cup of tea or coffee makes us slow down and gives us time for a much needed pause. A small amount of caffeine and hydration also provide health benefits.

4. Improved working atmosphere
It’s a known fact that coffee machines create sociable situations and a more relaxed working environment. The mood in the workplace impacts staff morale and motivation. In addition, coffee has a strong stimulant that fights off sluggishness, heightens mental alertness and boosts endurance. Overall communication can be improved in the workplace thanks to the humble coffee machine.

5. A staff perk
Offering work benefits is a great way to help retain staff loyalty and providing hot beverages for free is a great benefit for your staff. Most people would agree that benefits such as free coffee show that an employer is concerned about the welfare of their staff and wants to keep the working environment a comfortable place to be.