Our Environmental Policy

At Vending 4 You, we understand the importance of sustainability and recycling, recognizing we have the potential to affect the environment. We aim to have a low impact on the environment and incorporate a wide variety of energy saving, recycling and waste management measures working to an environmental policy so that we can manage our activities in a responsible manner.

We recycle wherever possible and minimize waste by source reduction . We encourage our customers to operate in a similar manner, by training and motivating employees to carry out their duties in an environmentally responsible way. We use fuel efficient vehicles with GPS based tracking and computed route planning enabling us to conserve natural resources and reduce emissions. We have fitted energy efficient lighting to our warehouse and office. We offer state of the art machinery that incorporate the latest energy saving measures with some being awarded an A++ efficiency rating. We re-cycle vending machines that have come to the end of their effective life further reducing our impact on the environment.

We are able source and offer products that are certified sustainable . These initiatives ensure the product was grown responsibly and that local communities are taken care of along with the environment.

We actively offer our customers a cup recycling option to reduce environmental impact.

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