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Keep your staff and students hydrated this school term with a hot drinks vending machine

hot drinks vending machine

We’ve been delighted to work with some local schools and colleges to provide them with hot drinks machines, water coolers and vending machines. Many of the schools we’ve worked with have introduced drink machines and vending machines into their sixth forms to give them a point of difference from the rest of the school. We also provide machines to many local school canteens where our hot chocolate drinks are extremely popular with all students.

Good quality coffee has recently been listed as the top priority in a working environment, so why should a school or college be any different? Here are just some of the benefits:

Generate a revenue stream - Your establishment can earn money through the sale of drinks and snacks. We have some amazing offers for schools and colleges and we can help you optimise the earning potential of your machines. The facilities can end up paying for themselves and then generating much needed revenue for the school / college.

Improved productivity - We all know that we are supposed to take short breaks in our work in order to be more productive. This is even more important in a busy school day. Refreshments such as hot chocolate can act as a pick-me-up that can revive flagging spirits. Most studies into workplace drinks have shown that they can be great for reducing stress, recharging batteries and putting pupils and staff in a positive frame of mind.

Keep your students and staff healthy - Everybody knows the importance of regular hydration and stopping for a break. It is important to keep energy levels high in any school or college environment.  Our water coolers ensure that students stay hydrated and are encouraged to drink good quality water.

Improved social skills - It’s a known fact that coffee machines create sociable situations and a more relaxed working environment.  The mood in the workplace impacts staff and student morale and motivation. Overall communication can be improved, as the drinks machines and vending machines become a central hub for staff and students to socialise.

Keeping students on site - In sixth forms and colleges pupils often wander in and out of school, depending on their timetables. Having your own drinks and snacks machines means that students don’t need to go to the local coffee shop, rather they can stay on the premises and socialize with their friends and perhaps even get some studying done!

Creates a good impression - Having good quality drinks’ machines and vending machines creates a good impression. Throughout the academic year, all schools and colleges will have open days. While it is obviously not a major reason for choosing a school or college, small perks such as hot drinks are generally well received.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, we’d be delighted to hear from you.