Our Values

Vending Values
We are experts in the field of vending solutions and our top priority is always our customers. Our team of sales and service professionals are always striving to improve their performance. Whether it’s finding an ideal vending solution, keeping our machines in prime condition or updating our customers with the latest technology, our exceptional levels of customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do.

Taking care of you

By listening to your needs and coming up with intuitive solutions, our team always puts the requirements of our customers first.

Variety; the spice of life
We offer a huge range of new and refurbished machines, allowing you to find everything you need to give your staff everything they want, whether it’s coffee, snacks, confectionary, cold drinks, combinations or water coolers.

We’re independent and so are our vending solutions

As we’re an independent company, you’re the only person who tells us what you should have, once again putting our customers' needs first. We can also ensure that you’ll get a great selection of quality ingredients and products from the best brands in Europe.

Green machines
We know better than most how vending machines affect the environment and we’re always looking for new ways to minimise our carbon footprint. At Vending 4 You we try our best to:

  • Buy environmentally friendly products.
  • Work with environmentally friendly suppliers.
  • Minimise waste through source reduction and recycling.
  • Conserve natural resources by efficient and careful planning.

You can read our environmental policy here.

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