Coffee Machines

What’s your priority in your place of work?

Drink Vending Machine, coffee and a computer

Office occupants have voted quality coffee as the most important feature for their place of work. Two thirds of workers said that a decent flat white or cappuccino is an essential for a productive and engaged workforce. 

Panny Lawrence, Founder and Director of Areaworks who conducted the research, said: “It’s intriguing to see what makes the dream workspace for the nation’s office workers, and what is top of the list… Happy and relaxed workers are likely to have increased productivity and motivation, as well as making more money and generally enjoying their work.”

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In addition, ISIC commissioned a large survey of workers across six European countries, conducted by market research organisation YouGov. The survey was designed to explore when workers drank coffee during the working day, why they drank coffee, whether it was linked to short breaks, and how they felt coffee affected their productivity. These survey results not only help shed light on the role of coffee in the workplace, but also suggest some ways in which workers’ wellbeing could be improved. Here are some of the key points:

  • Extensive research has shown that caffeine consumption is associated with an increase in alertness, concentration and performance.
  • A quarter of respondents said coffee made them feel more alert, this suggests that people are choosing coffee for a boost at work.
  • Almost every country said that drinking coffee was the second most likely way of improving their productivity (after taking a short break).
  • Professor Wesnes highlighted research suggesting that coffee consumption may help
    to improve cognitive function

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All companies, regardless of size, could benefit from installing a coffee machine.  From staff motivation to employee productivity, we can’t think of reason not to install a coffee machine in every place of work! If you’d like to find out more, then please get in touch.