Canto Touch

Amazing Drinks, Great User Experience

Canto Touch is capable of delivering outstanding drinks and is a joy to use thanks to it's large touch screen display.

Available as ESFB 7oz / 9oz or 12oz models
• Infrared movement sensor which activates the
machine when someone passes by
• Fully interactive 21.5” HD touch screen with sound available
• Nutritional facts for each selection
• Highly customizable drink profile
• Possibility to run promotional videos and other multimedia content

• Easy to use and elegant touch screen
• Complies with current DDA regulations
• Possibility to have a full screen of selection decals or a split screen with the video on the upper section and drink selections on the lower part
• Ability to set the machine any language, with 5 default languages on the touch screen
• Nutritional facts can be seen before the drink is chosen and Canto Touch automatically recalculates the facts once sugar or extra milk has been added
• Up to 4 tabs and 56 different options on the selection panel

• Can play animated videos with sound as well as still images
• Videos can also be asigned to individual drink selections allowing for further advertising opportunities
• Canto Touch can also be set to feature real time news feeds across the top of the machine thanks to RSS feed management
• Managed through new Giga Touch software, where you can choose alternative backgrounds, add logos, customise selection icons and load multimedia contents

Other vending machines can tease you with a touch screen interface and offer you a wide and customizable drink menu: but not like Canto Touch. Just try it once, feel and taste the difference and be delighted by the quality of the drink, brewed and served according to your taste. Just like high street coffees.
The aesthetics of Canto Touch is incomparable. The harmonious and modern design features an eye-catching and intuitive interface. It has great visual impact through the use of emotional images and warmth of colour, inspired by the smooth pleasure of the drinks. Moreover, Canto Touch is also entertainment, information, news and marketing. A real dispenser of tailor-made services for the end user.
Canto Touch: authentic sensory pleasure.
Height 1830 mm
Depth with door open 1320mm
Weight 170 Kg
Width 650 mm


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