Water Coolers

We offer a wide range of water cooler dispensers and water machines,from Vending 4 You based in Berkshire. It has been proven that a hydrated workforce will be more focused and efficient, so provide your office with access to a cold, refreshing alternative to sugary drinks while at their desks with our range of water coolers. Available in a number of sleek and streamlined designs, our water dispensers will fit neatly into the background of any workplace without looking out of place. 

We also have a number of water machines that can dispense both hot and ice cold water, enabling staff to have easy access to hot and cold drinks at the push of a button, for example the Water Logic 4, which offers hot, cold, and sparkling water and has the maximum Class A UV treatment, so it provides the purest water to your employees. Combining sleek aesthetics with high functionality this top of the range water dispenser make a great addition to any workspace. Alternatively, for unrivalled aesthetics the Borg and Overstrom Unite water dispenser offers chic design, with a fully lit dispense area at the ideal height for interaction and discussion for productive discussion around the water cooler.

Keep your staff hydrated all day, and performing at their best with our wide range of water dispensers for the professional workspace.

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