Koro Max

Koro Max

The Koro Max comes from the technology and experience of N&W. With soft clean lines, the Koro Max offers typically elegant classic Italian design, The machine is excellent value for money whilst being technically superior to many more expensive machines.The Koro Max is extraordinarily compact and reliable.

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If it’s style and sophistication you’re looking

for, Koro and Koro Max have the answer.

Thanks to the different technologies for

preparing drinks, Koro and Koro Max

represent the ideal solution for hot drinks

services of a superior quality, with a menu

to satisfy every taste.



Thanks to the patented coffee group, the

volumetric doser and the perfect extraction

according to the parameters of the best

Italian espresso, Koro and Koro Max offer

excellent coffee and a variety of other hot

beverages, including a wonderful

cappuccino. While the Koro Max has an

additional canister for chocolate.


Simple and stylish

Style and simplicity are synonymous with the Koro Max, and its ease of use is down to the simple display and conveniently situated buttons, directing the user in

their choice of preferred beverage. Koro Max have

a wide drinks menu and can offer up to eight different

drinks, and through there versatility they are at home in any

situation. The Koro and Koro Max are also small in size and

light, making them easy to position into location and move


Easy maintenance and cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance system in the Koro

Max is simplicity itself. The optimisation of the mixer’s parts

(only three components), the suction of dust through a

small built-in drawer, and the dust conveyor make cleaning

operations quick and simple. Mixers are easy to remove by

using the green coloured release system.

Authentic espresso

Patented coffee group Z3000 brewer with compact grinder and doser

Excellent coffee with the perfect extraction

Visible coffe beans in a larger hopper for increased capacity


New Photographic panel

Chromium plated buttons, drip tray grill and cup support

Blue LED lights either side of the dispense head

Stainless steel cover on dispense head

Wide drinks menu

Exquisite mixed beverages with a wide selection to satisfy every taste

An extra canister enables the dispensing of creamy hot chocolate


In order to suit every client’s requirements, a complementary range of accessories is available including: · Super-equipped base cabinet with solid and liquid waste containers plus cups/sugar/stirrers holders · Payment system module · Cup holder module · Cup warmer · 20 litre water self feeding tank (only when ordered withbase cabinet) · Water filter kit



delivered Americano

White Coffee


Caffè Latte

Caffè Mocha

Hot Chocolate

Hot water

Optional replaces Chocomilk

one of the other


Ingredients Coffee beans 1.0 kg

capacity Whitener 0.75 kg

Chocolate 1.5 kg

Weight 30 kg

Approx No. 130 cups of coffees before refilling

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