Cold Drinks

Help keep your employees refreshed and rehydrated throughout the day with our range of cold drink vending machines from wide selection of glass-front cold drink dispensers, to innovative photographic panel cold drink machines that will look contemporary and stylish in any office. Staff will welcome the array of choices on offer in our larger state-of-the-art drinks dispensers that even come with colour LCD option displays to make it even easier to choose a fizzy pick-me-up come lunchtime.  Quench your thirst with a coke vending machine and other cold drinks vending machines. We are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire and we work across the South East.

Reliable Cold Drink Dispensers

For offices short on space, the Snakky Max Green cold drink vending machine from Necta leaves a compact footprint designed to slot nicely into the tightest corners. Offering a complete range of 30 refreshments, including cans & bottles, this model has trouble-free dispensing technology thanks to the Necta vend detector system, and is designed to be banked next to the Astro and Kikko machines for a full refreshment offering.

For a greener cold drink dispenser look to the Bev Max 4 35 Slim. A thinner version of the popular BevMax 4, this new version is not only more reliable, but also more environmentally friendly. The wide clear glass front displays an enticing array of drinks bottles that employees will love, and the LED lighting also reduces the energy output significantly for a model of this size – especially great for large buildings and offices.

Our cold drink vending machines can be part of our managed vending machine service, where we can take care of all maintenance and replenishment to take the hassle out of snack time.

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