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Founded in 1992, Waterlogic International Limited is a leading manufacturer of top quality point-of-use mains attached water coolers and purifying systems, expecially suited for the office environment.

Waterlogic has an extensive and continuously expanding global distribution network in place, reaching over 40 countries across 5 continents.

Key factors that underpin Waterlogic as the leader in water coolers for the office, and a company that is watched and emulated as a model of success, are:

Our quality, innovation, design and development in manufacturing water coolers for the office.

The positive attitude, expertise, support and service from our people around the world.

By continually strengthening the Waterlogic brand, we shall remain:

As the clear end-user choice for; refreshing, reliably safe and healthy drinking water.

And the best strategic choice for our channel partners, offering a commercial opportunity that delivers superior earnings, and high quality product and service support.

By providing an office environment that is rewarding and challenging for our employees and colleagues, we will be seen as the most admired water coolers for office company.

We will continue to focus on delivering superior returns to our shareholders by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities while continually improving our profitability, in a socially responsible, ethical and sustainable way.

The Waterlogic Credo is based upon:

Manufacturing Excellence - With an uncompromising quality control program and recently upgraded ISO standards within the state-of-the-art 100% owned & operated factory in China where all Waterlogic water coolers for office are manufactured, Waterlogic water coolers are of superior quality.

Extensive Distribution Network - The existing vast network of distributors for Waterlogic water coolers is continuously expanding on a global scale. Distribution partners become part of the Waterlogic family, receiving significant support, and being included in many circumstances in Waterlogic's decision-making process.

Advanced Technology - Waterlogic's unique technologies, including a Carbon Multi-Filtration System to remove most contaminants and a Patented In-tank UV System for the sterilisation of bacteria, set our water coolers for office far apart from the rest from a technical perspective.

Highest Hygiene Parameters - Reinforcing Waterlogic's already high hygiene parameters in place, following a recent exclusive agreement the use of BioCote's anti-microbial silver-based technology to protect the plastic surfaces of all Waterlogic water coolers for office will act as a second defence mechanism, upgrading hygiene parameters for Waterlogic water coolers even further.

Outstanding & Innovative Products - Waterlogic water coolers are not only designed with the objective of functionality but also with aesthetics and the evolving needs of clients as driving design factors, consistently resulting in elegant and original products.

Exceptional Customer Service - Waterlogic remains dedicated to customer satisfaction with a tailored approach based on client needs. Waterlogic provides after-Sales Support in various forms, including but not limited to technical and commercial training, which Waterlogic is aptly able to provide based on accumulated industry experience. Significant marketing support, including marketing materials and sales development tools, are made available to distribution partners, along with advice on business models, and indispensable POU industry know-how.

Top Certifications - Waterlogic water coolers for office have achieved an impressive collection of all notable industry certifications including WQA Association, Gold Seal, CE, NSF-ANSI 42, 55B & 53, WRAS approved, ISO 9000, ETL.

Investment in Our People - Waterlogic not only recruits and hires the industry's best and brightest, but, viewing its people as a long-term asset, offers opportunities for employee training and development to maximise employee potential as well as providing a work environment which encourages and facilitates career growth.

Industry Leadership and Growing Market Share - Waterlogic has earned an esteemed reputation throughout the industry as a leader and possesses a healthy, and growing, market share in all markets in which the company is present.

Strong International Presence - The Waterlogic name and our water coolers for office span the globe.

Commitment to R & D - With three Research & Development teams composed of engineering experts in place and significant investments in the area, Waterlogic, as part of a long-term strategy, continually strives to introduce to the market ground-breaking technologies and superior POU water coolers for the office.

Mission Statement

To be a leading international manufacturer and distributor of superior quality point of use water dispensers, and to lead our chosen markets by providing drinking water expertise, innovation, excellent service and customer support.

To View our range of Waterlogic water cooler machines please click here. Alternatively contact us on 08458382112 and speak to a member of our team.

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